June 4

Welcome to Cairns, Queensland.  We’re finally in warm weather, break out the shorts and short sleeves.  Today we will learn about the Great Barrier Reef before our adventure out tomorrow to the reef.  Since the day is mostly a travel and free day,  we will be posting photos with warm smiling MSU faces.

Luke and Jim



  1. Mark -did you get to Scuba and if so, what did you see?

  2. Yes, Mom I got to go on two different dives and they were both incredible. I had been having some problems with equalizing my ear pressure after my flight from Adelaide to Cairns via Sydney due to the short-lived cold I had but I went anyway and had a great experience. Definitely makes me want to get certified before our next chance to dive.

    We saw giant clams, that tried to chomp our hands when we touched the inside. We saw a stingray, sea turtle, sea cucumbers, and just about everything else you would expect to see except a shark.

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