May 20

Hello friends and family.

I’m just going to add a few notes about today, which is a free day for our students, so there is no active blog post.

The sun has come out, and the students are out and about enjoying their last day in Sydney. A group has headed out for the zoo, and another group is heading off for the BridgeClimb.

As you continue to follow us, please note that the posts will come within 48 hours of our day’s activities. Also note that the pages currently on the blog were done by the students prior to departure. These will be replaced once we finish our day with new information and pictures. Be sure to check back often.





  1. Thanks for the update Jim. I hope you all enjoy Sydney on your last day there. It sure looks beautiful and colorful.

  2. It has been informative & exciting to read the blogs detailing your adventures in Sydney! Family & friends are appreciating these timely communications. Enjoy, enjoy “down under”!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STAYING CONNECTED!! I have to admit that the pictures on this blog are really inviting and make me want to be there with you all!! I am so happy and excited for you all on this awesome journey. ENJOY EVERY MINUTE… AND HUG ANNA AND BEN FOR ME!!
    Have so much fun!!
    Mom Yanke

  4. It’s been really great following you! Brings back so many memories… and so many sustainability questions to plague your students with!

    Have you seen any Zappos yet?


    • Pip,

      I have indeed found some Zappos. This year’s students have yet to fully embrace them as a vital source of food and nutrition during our travels.


  5. Hey everyone! Thanks for following us! It so great to hear that so many people are interested in your learns and also wanted to learn along with us. I just wanted to make a quick about our free day. I was put of the group that went to the zoo. It was so beautiful. Not only that, but even on our free we are still learning about sustainability. Such as, after the seal show they had information about how to be sustainable when choosing fish so that it would not harm the seal population. Other exhibits had informational boards about conservation and protection of engaged plants and animals. I can’t wait to see more sustainable measures in our daily activities! 🙂

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